Saudi parents kidnap their own daughter which took birth out of wedlock

Saudi security forces in Riyadh found a 3-year-old girl who was kidnapped three years ago, at the time of her birth. The police arrested six suspects, four women and two men who were linked in this case.

The police raided a house inhabited by foreign laborers in a Riyadh neighborhood as a part of security campaign against illegal residents. The girl was found in the care of an expat family residing illegally in Riyadh.

The police team recognized that the little girl, who had lived with the expats for three years, was not part of that family. These were the facts, but people are impulsive to believe the facts without discovering the truth properly.

After the news went viral about the expat family the people came into action. Despite the fact that police did not issue any further statement regarding the child at that time.

The story of the “Saudi Kidnaped Child” soon went viral on social media and with it came the trashing of expats in the Kingdom. People started commenting and giving their angry views about the expatriates residing Saudi Arabia.

They wanted to trash all the expat out of their country as they believed they are causing quick danger for the country and believed that they are the cause of every illegal activity and crime.

Moreover, the people who were against expats for the reason that they were taking the jobs away from the local also joined the campaign to show off their hatred for foreigners.

A journalist unveiled the people doing baseless propaganda against the expats being bashed in the case of Saudi Kidnapped Child when he revealed the real news and information the following day on a TV program.

Such a sudden revelation of truth left them on a point of no return as they could not retaliate nor retreat from their words and action. Their lies were exposed. The journalist revealed shocking information about the girl.

He said that the girl was not kidnapped, but instead, she was rescued by the expat family. He explained this mysterious statement that the girl was born after an illegitimate relationship within a Saudi family, which had demanded their domestic helper to put her in a box and place her in front of a mosque.

The domestic help took the child as she was commanded by the Saudi family and gave the child to the neighborhood where she too was staying to raise the child on her own. She rescued the infant from her family, who was not happy at her birth and trying to get rid of her.

The domestic helper went to the family and told them that she did what they told her to do. The case of her dishonesty was only discovered when the police raided the neighborhood and the questioned were raised upon the girl’s identity.

Whatever the matter was, the domestic worker was a kind woman who handed the baby to the expat family and the family too was a kind-hearted family who adopted the child even after knowing that her status was illegal.

They brought up the girl with love and affection even when their own life was not a bed of roses. The expat family was much better than that Saudi family who tried to throw her away and hide their sin from the society.

After knowing the bitter reality, people who were against the expat family, they too thanked them for their humanitarian act. The voices that were attacking and vilifying the expat suddenly went silent.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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