Saudi Parents found 5 children dead in the new house

A father found his five children dead on entering his new apartment. Among the five killed were his one son who was a university student and four daughters aged between 14 to 22 years.

On opening the door of the apartment, all five children were found lying dead in Al-Shuabah neighborhood in Al Ahsa Governorate.

Uncle of the siblings narrated the whole incident

Ismael Khalifa Al Saleh, the uncle of the children narrated the whole incident. According to him, the family recently got shifted in their new apartment. He said that the parents left their children at home and went to the market.

When the parents return home in the evening, they knocked on the door several times but no one answered from inside. At this, the father forcibly opened the door to gain entry inside his apartment and found his five children dead. He immediately reported the crime to the police.

Investigation Process

The police immediately arrived at the crime scene and collected the blood samples, fingerprints, and other evidence that might prove helpful in solving the case. The bodies of the children were taken to the forensic medicine department for autopsy.

Neighbour’s response

The neighbors next to the apartment were shocked by this incident. They all said that the father forcibly entered his apartment and found his children dead.  Jawad Al Khalifa, one of the neighbors said this situation is quite tragic and sad. It has shocked its local community.

Parents response

The parents of the siblings are in a traumatic state and have not spoken to anyone about the incident.

Source: Arab News

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