Saudi National Anthem Lyrics + English translation

Many expats love the Saudi National Anthem melody and tune and how it is sung, but they hardly understand its lyrics in Arabic or its meaning in English. Therefore, we are coming up with Saudi National Anthem lyrics in Arabic and its translation in English.

Saudi National Anthem History

In 1947, an Egyptian composer Abdul-Raḥman al-Khaṭīb, composed the Saudi National Anthem at the request of King Abdul Aziz. The lyrics adopted at that time by King Abdul Aziz were used until 1958.

In 1958, during the time of King Saud, the following national anthem was adopted. The melody and the lyrics both were different from the one adopted by King Abdul Aziz.

Saudi National Anthem Lyrics

In 1984, King Fahd approved the lyrics of Ibrāhīm Khafājī for the Saudi National Anthem. These are the lyrics that are used officially today. Moreover, he restored the melody of the first national anthem of Saudi Arabia composed by an Egyptian composer Abdul-Raḥman al-Khaṭīb.

Arabic Roman English translation
سارعي Sarai Hasten
للمجد والعلياء lil majdi wal alya To glory and supremacy,
مجدي لخالق السماء majidi li khalikis sama Glorify the Creator of the heavens!
وارفعي الخفاق الأخضر war fail khaffaka akhdar And raise the green flag
يحمل النور المسطر yahmilu nural musattar Carrying the written light reflecting guidance,
رددي الله أكبر raddidi allah akbar Repeat, Allahu Akbar!
يا موطني ya mawtani O my country!
موطني mawtani My country,
عشت فخر المسلمين aishta fakhral muslimin Live as the pride of Muslims!
عاش الملك aash al malik Long live the King
للعلم lil alam For the flag
والوطن wal watan And the homeland!

Saudi National Anthem Lyrics – 1958

In 1958, during the time of King Saud, the following national anthem was adopted. The melody and the lyrics both were different from the one adopted by King Abdul Aziz.

Arabic  English
إلى المجد هيا شباب العرب To glory, come on, Arab youth
وهبوا خفافا لنيل الإرب They gave their slippers to get the money
ولاتستكينوا غداة الطلب And do not relax the day after the request
فإن المعالي لمن قد غلب The excellency is for the one who has defeated
ونحن غراساَ سعودُ نماه We are the plants of Saud that grew
ونحن نباتاَ سعودُ رواه We are plants of Saud, narrated by him
فسيروا على هديه او خُطاه So follow his guidance or his footsteps
فعاش المليكُ مديد الحياة The king lived a long life
فإنَا بنو العرب الأولين We are the sons of the first Arabs
حُماة الديار أسود العرين The protectors of the land are the lions of the den
بنينا كبنيانهم قادرين We are built like theirs, capable
وسُدنا البلاد بعلمٍ ودين We filled the country with knowledge and religion
اذا مادُعينا نسُل السيوف If we are not called descendants of swords
ونمضي صفوفُ تليها صفوف We go rows after rows
ونسعى إلى المجد بين الدفوف We seek glory between the tambourines
إذا ما أردنا بلغنا المراد If we want, we will achieve our goal
وإما وردنا فصدر العباد And as for us, we will return to the hearts of the servants
ولاننثني عن سبيل الجهاد We will not be deterred from the path of jihad
ليحيا المليكُ وتحيا البلاد Long live the king and long live the country
سعودُ تقدم لحمل اللواء Saud stepped forward to carry the standard
وصافح هنالك شمس السماء There he shook hands with the sun of heaven
لك الحب منا ومحض الولاء You have our love and pure loyalty
ومنك النداء ومنا الفداء From you is the call and from us is the redemption


Saudi National Anthem Lyrics – 1947

In 1947, when the Saudi National Anthem was created for the first time, it had the following lyrics.

Arabic English
يعيش ملكنا الحبيب Long live our beloved king
أرواحنا فداه حامي الحرم Our souls are the protector of the sanctuary
هيا اهتفوا عاش الملك Come on, cheer, long live the king
هيا ارفعوا راية الوطن Come on, raise the flag of the homeland
اهتفوا ورددوا النشيد Cheer and chant the anthem
يعيش الملك Long live the king

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