Saudi mother pardons the killer, rejected SR 105 million

He was killed 18 years ago

A man killed a member of a Saudi tribe located in Thar governorate in the Najran region around 18 years ago. The crime was proven in the court and he was given a death sentence.

They rejected SR 105 million

The family of the murderer offered as much as SR 105 million blood money to the family of the victim which they refused.

In Islamic jurisprudence, the death sentence can be reversed if the legal heirs of the deceased victim forgive the murderer for the sake of Allah or for the blood money.

The officials and the tribal notables had been active in making this reconciliation happen.

Finally, they pardoned the killer

Eventually, it happened after a woman influenced all the tribes. After this woman stepped in, she made sure to contact all the influential and the tribe members. According to the father of the victim, Hadi Al Mujeah, forgiveness paved the way for this woman came in.

He further added that they were offered lumpsum money, jobs, blank cheques, and cars to pardon the killer. However, they pardon to seek Allah’s reward and not the worldly rewards.

They refused any sort of blood money and pardoned the killer without any financial and worldly gains.

Source: Gulf News

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