Saudi Mother and Daughter graduated on the same day

A Saudi woman Eidah Al-Rasheedi graduated from the Shaqra University on the same day as her daughter Areej. It wasn’t easy to study with teenagers and especially with her daughter Areej.

Eidah narrated that she is a proud mother to five daughters and a grandmother to three grandsons.

She always had a dream to get a bachelor’s degree and so she stepped into the studies again.

She had been able to overcome the odds of studying and graduating after marriage, children, and grandchildren. Her story is an inspiration for women who think they cannot study after marriage and kids. 

Wearing gowns together, having a degree in hands, and feeling accomplished are what we can see through the story. The mother-daughter duo has fetched with celebrations from university colleagues, families, and friends. She has made history and people are joyful over it.

She is now a proud graduate while she is equally happy for her daughter on completing her degree in kindergartens in the same faculty on the same day. She wants to specialize and go ahead in following her dreams.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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