The son of a Saudi Minister suspended for irregularities

The National anti-corruption body, which is known as Nazaha, found irregularities in the hiring of the minister’s son. The National Anti-Corruption Commission took immediate steps and discovered the cause of this unstable condition and submitted its findings to the Saudi Royal Court.

The investigation was carried out by the concerned National Anti-Corruption Commission which works completely on a fair and independent system.

The role of Social Media

The facts and data were collected by the commission following the complaints on social media which was about the illegal hiring of the son of the minister of civil service department which was through unfair means.

The complaints reported were about the wrong use of power by giving civil service Minister’s son priority over deserving candidates and thus hired by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.

The result of the Investigation

In the case of the appointment of the minister’s son, the National Anti-corruption body performed scrutiny and reported that the seat was given to the Minister’s son by ignoring regulatory and control conditions which were against the Royal Order No. 34807.

The ignorance of Royal Order led to misuse of power which concluded the failure of the coordination of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs with the Ministry of Civil Service.

The proper medical examination procedures were not carried out. Therefore, the features or characteristics were not fully meeting the standard criteria given in the law. Even the age was not appropriate for the candidate which is supposed to be minimum 33.

All in all, the Saudi Government is making efforts to make the Kingdom corruption free as every person is accountable in the kingdom even if it is the minister’s son or the minister himself. There are justice and equality for all which makes Saudi Arabia a better and fair place for all to live.

Source: Arab News

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