10 favorite nationalities for Saudi girls to marry

When it comes to marrying foreigners, Saudi women prefer some nationalities over others. Check if your country is in the list;

Favorite Nationalities for Saudi Women

In 2015, Saudi women chose their foreign husbands from 33 nationalities around the world with the following breakup;

  1. 505 Saudi women married Yemeni men.
  2. 152 Saudi women married Kuwaiti men.
  3. 118 Saudi women married Syrian men.
  4. 93 Saudi women married Qatari men.
  5. 85 Saudi women married Egyptian men.
  6. 49 Saudi women married Palestinian men.
  7. 48 Saudi women married Pakistani men.
  8. 46 Saudi women married Jordanian men.
  9. 20 Saudi women married Sudanese men.
  10. 18 Saudi women married Nigerian men.

Least Favorite Nationalities for Saudi Women

At the bottom of the preferred nationality of foreign husbands for Saudi women are the countries Sri Lanka, Morocco, Bangladesh, and Ethiopia.

Favorite Nationalities for Saudi Men

In 2015, Saudi men chose their foreign wives from 35 nationalities around the world with the following breakup;

  1. 1015 Saudi men married Yemeni women.
  2. 183 Saudi men married Syrian women.
  3. 125 Saudi men married Palestinian women.
  4. 109 Saudi men married Pakistani women.
  5. 80 Saudi men married Egyptian women.
  6. 60 Saudi men married Jordanian women.
  7. 40 Saudi men married Moroccan women.
  8. 23 Saudi men married Indian women.
  9. 17 Saudi men married Afghani women.
  10. 16 Saudi men married Sudanese women.

Source: Arab News

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