Saudi Masjid Imam acquitted of sexual harassment on maid

A Saudi Masjid Imam was charged with the allegation of sexual harassment by his domestic maid. However, as no evidence could be served in the court, the court had to dismiss the case acquitting the Imam as innocent.

The case was filed by the domestic maid and was referred to the Public Prosecution. On investigation, the public prosecution forwarded the case to the court.

However, the domestic maid could not provide any evidence or witness evidencing the proof of sexual harassment in the court due to which the Masjid Imam was proven innocent. As the allegation was set by the maid, the burden of proof was on her shoulders.

According to Saudi Anti-Harassment law, the convicted shall suffer imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years and a fine not exceeding SR100,000 or one of these two penalties.  The penalty will be applicable to male and female convicts.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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