70 years old Saudi Man writes the entire Holy Quran on 6 Eggs

Ahmed Abdan wrote the entire Quran on 6 Eggs

Ahmed Abdan has reportedly taken the calligraphy of the Quran to another level. An old Saudi man, who has dedicated his life to memorizing the Quran and writing it in beautiful calligraphy, has achieved the unimaginable by writing down the entire Quran onto 6 eggs. 

He is 70 Years Old

Ahmed Abdan who is an avid fan of reading and writing, in general, has completed this incredible feat at the age of 70. He is a resident of the city of Buraidah and has been a keen hobbyist of drawing and writing for more than half of his long life.

This interest in drawing is pretty evident through the beautiful designs and calligraphy that have been filled with the eggs. The eggs have now become a source of great pride for the Saudi man, who has shown his incredible feat. 

He deserves international recognition

This man deserves a round of applause from everyone whether be it a Muslim or non-Muslim, as he has done something truly great that not many can say that they can achieve.

The talent and hard work that must have gone into the delicate procedure is quite evident in the pictures of the beautiful eggs. 

I do not think that there are many people out there who could complete such a task, not many people could write the article above on 6 eggs, let alone the entire Quran which is way longer than this article.

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