Saudi man jumps from a moving car to attack another driver

A man from a vehicle identified as Honda Civic, jumped off at a nearby vehicle to attack it and posed danger to those traveling through the Jeddah highway.  

The video clip of the whole incident went viral on social media. People are amazed at the person performing the stunt and asked for punishing the men who were involved in it.

All of them, the man, the driver, and fellow men in the vehicle, have risked the lives of others. Also, they have tried to attack the nearby vehicle. T

The police and Jeddah highway authority tracked down the men and arrested them. The driver, the actual criminal, and the fellow men in the car are in the custody of the police.

We hope that the authorities would come up with a wise action so that others would learn from it and never drive recklessly on the roads, especially highways.

Source: Khaleej Times

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