I want to see my mother before execution – Saudi’s last wish

A Saudi man named Dhawi bin Faisal Al Otaibi had been accused and then convicted of the murder of his Kuwaiti friend named Khalid Raja Al Thafiri, almost seven years ago. Dhawi bin Faisal Al Otaibi was sentenced to death by the court.

Just before the execution, Al Otaibi was asked about his last wish. Al Otaibi asked for one last chance to hug his mother, kiss her feet and spend time with her before dying.

How hard must it have been for the mother to meet her son knowing that it would be the last time? How hard would it have been for Al Otaibi, knowing that he is about to be executed soon, and what might be going through his mind while meeting his mother for the very last time?

Even though we may never know this, we can safely assume that it would have been an emotional last meeting.

In wake of all that is going around the world, I dedicate this to all mothers who lost their children, and to all those children who lost their mothers.

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