Watch: Saudi man found dead in Sujood in a desert

A Saudi man who went missing for three days was finally found from the Riyadh desert. Unfortunate news for his family, he wasn’t alive. The man’s body and his vehicle were found in the middle of the desert. The car was loaded with woods while the man’s body was in the Sujood position.

The complete story

Dhuwaihi Hamoud Al-Ajaleen was a 40 years old man who earned his living by driving the pickup. It was last Thursday when he went missing in Riyadh Wadi Al Dawasir.

The family tried to contact him several times but every time they felt disappointed. At this, a man filed his missing complaint with Wadi Al Dawasir police.

Wide-scale research conducted by the rescue time

After the missing complaint was filed, the rescue team went on wide-scale research to find the missing man. They used four-wheeled drive vehicles and gliders to find the missing man. After three days of extreme search, the rescue team was able to locate him.

He was found dead in the middle of the desert while his pickup vehicle was parked just a few meters away. His truck was loaded with bundles of wooden sticks that clearly showed that he was on his work when his soul departed this world.

Condition of the man’s body

The man was found dead in the Sujood position. It seems that he stopped in the desert to say his prayers. He parked his vehicle and during the sujood, his soul departed. His palms and forehead were on the sand.

Videos went viral on social media

Videos of the rescue team found the man and his vehicle stocked up with the sticks went viral on social media platforms. It prompted hundreds of social media users to pray for the deceased man and his family.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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