Saudi man finds his mother after 32 years

A Saudi man Turki Khaled Saneed Al Saneed finally got reunited with his mother after long 32 years. His father never told him about his mother.

The separation of parents

He was only 4 when his parents got separated and he was deprived of his mother’s love. His mother was an Egyptian who went to Cairo after the separation and he stayed in Saudi Arabia with his father and his grandmother.

Early Childhood

His father passed away shortly without informing him who was his mother. He lived with his grandmother until he turned 16. After her death, he lived with another relative woman. He got married at the age of 28.

The search for the mother

All these years of youth, he had tried to find his mother. He tried to reach out to the Egyptian embassy in Riyadh to find the details of his mother but invain.

To give it a last try, he went to Egypt. He reached the Saudi Embassy in Cairo, to find details of his parents. This time, he wasn’t disappointed.

He was finally able to grab his hands on some vital information about his parents. He was assisted by the Saudi Embassy in Cairo to search for his mother.

The reunion

Turki Khalid Saneed Al Saneed was able to get reunited with his mother after 32 years. He is grateful for the support that has been provided to him by the embassy. He extended his gratitude to the Saudi ambassador Osama Naqli, who has been a constant support.

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