Saudi man donates his kidney to wife – love story

A Saudi man, Shbeii bin Ahmad Hasan Al Shehri decided to donate one of his kidneys to his beloved wife saying she had been ill and suffering from pains for years and he wanted to end her pains now.

The couple who had been married for 11, years underwent the operation at King Fahad Hospital.

He did not hesitate for a single moment

The husband said I did not hesitate when it comes to the point of saving my wife’s life. I could see the pain she was going throughout her illness and at the same time, I was experiencing life without any physical pain and wanted to gift her a part of that.

A True Love

He thanked the doctors and medical staff who operated on them and took care of them both. This news spread and made people emotional. Many hailed the decision and said this is what true love is. Al Shehri won over everybody’s heart for his kindness and lovely act.

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