Saudi man carrying machine gun arrested in Riyadh

Recently, a video has been surfacing the internet where a man was forced to sit in the rear box of a white Kia Car. The man who forced him had a machine gun in his hands and threatened him to sit in the rear box of the car.

The video was filmed on the streets of the Laban district, which rests in the west of city of Riyadh. The people were demanding investigation over threatening the person publicly and indecent declaration of the weapons.

The police took immediate action

The Riyadh police came into timely action and started patrols and search for the criminals. The three criminals were arrested as a result of police hunt downs. The security teams and the Riyadh police has assured that there were three men, all related to each other involved in the crime.

Lt. Col. Shakil Shakir bin Sulaiman Al Tuwaijri, who is the media spokesperson for Riyadh police, went forth to social media declaring that the men have been arrested. He told that the ministry of interior is keen to make the region and the land of Saudi Arabia a safe and secure place for its citizens and residents.

Investigation has started

Strict action will be taken against those who tend to violate the rules and regulations of the Kingdom.  The Public prosecution officials have declared that the prosecution has already initiated investigations against the criminals who were involved in the indecent acts of violations.

The victim has been taken to the hospital and is under medical examination: nothing has been declared about his current medical state. His detailed medical report is still to be given to the media.  

The weapon and vehicle are seized

The weapons and the vehicle used have been seized and are under the custody of the Riyadh police. The sources confirm that the use of weapons that are even licensed in an indecent manner can cause arrest and trail.  By the indecent manner, we mean the use of weapons to threaten someone or to assault someone.

The Public prosecutors have thanked the security officials for their timely action against the criminals and have assured that the men will be trailed in accordance with the law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Maximum penalties would be demanded against the men who tend to make the environment unsafe and threatening for the residents.

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