Saudi man arrested for torturing a donkey to Death

Al Baha police have arrested a man for the crime of torturing a donkey. The police received a complaint about the torture of animals by a Saudi national and quickly took an action to arrest the culprit.

A formal investigation has been launched after the man in question, stated that his donkey was tied to a car and was subsequently dragged around for quite some time on the rugged, burning asphalt.

It is also reported that the donkey did not survive the injuries it had received and subsequently died while under care.

There should not be any tolerance or forgiveness for any person who commits such a violent and cruel act against any animal.

He adds that the punishment put upon the man should be extremely severe so that any other deranged individuals like him to think it is alright to torture any animal would have a clear vision of the aftermath which awaited them if they chose to do such a thing.

Anybody who does not have compassion towards animals and someone who can torture animals without any emotion or sentiment should be reprimanded and punished similarly. 

Source: Gulf News

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