Saudi Iqama for 1 Million Burmese – Salute to King Salman!

Muslims have been reprimanded from the last 70 Years: The Muslim genocide in Burma is something that we are all aware of, as it is shared so sparingly on social media or any other form of media. It is not an issue which has just spurted out but has been going on for more than 70 years. Do you know Who are Rohingya Muslims?

The Muslim community has been suffering at the hands of the Buddhist majority of Burma who has persecuted them, killed the children, and raped the girls and women. There have even been reports, that angry mobs have also set whole families ablaze together, while they were still alive.

People of Burma have nowhere to run: The anti-Muslim sentiments have gotten so deeply embedded into the Buddhist community’s minds, that every year we see an increase in the death toll, as well as the number of people displaced from their homes.

The Muslim community in Burma has nowhere to run as its closest neighbor Bangladesh has not allowed them entry into their country. Saudi Arabia, however, allowed the persecuted Muslims, who were trying to get out of Burma alive, to seek shelter on their soil.

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1 million Suadi Iqamas for Burmese: The Burmese Muslim community has slowly made its way to Saudi Arabian soil, and now over 1 million Burmese Muslims are entitled to get residence in Saudi Arabia. Some Burmese residents have also been reportedly staying in Saudi Arabia for 70 years.

Many of those who have fled Burma have no country they can call their own. Going back to Burma is an inconceivable notion due to the worsening situation of the country’s “religious cleansing” and the fear of persecution against Muslims. 

However, the dreams of these Burmese Muslims came true when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia decided to entitle everyone with an iqama, or what we know as an identity card. This will allow the Burmese residents to focus on a more stable and long-term future for themselves.

These Burmese Muslims who escaped their country in fear of their lives have a place they can call their own now, without having to fear about anything.

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Appreciation by Burmese Community: The sheik of the Burmese community in Saudi Arabia has praised the role of the Saudi government, in aiding the Burmese people to get settled in the Kingdom.

He has stated that the recent status that has been issued to his community, by Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, has granted them complete freedom from the persecution back home and they also now have a permanent residence

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Free Education for the Burmese Children: In addition to this, the government has allowed students who were earlier studying in charity schools, due to them being non-citizens, to attend public schools from the primary and secondary stages.

The iqama will now allow them access to public health facilities, and various other facilities that are offered to the citizens of Saudi Arabia.

Immediate action has started to ensure that the Burmese people who want to exercise the entitlement, receive their iqama as soon as possible. To date 170,000 people have received their iqama, finally putting their mind at ease, and have also put the horrors of their previous homeland behind them.

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The Role of International Community: It is sad to say that no Islamic country other than Turkey, Maldives and Saudi Arabia are taking any pain for the genocide of Muslims in Myanmar. Turkish President has approached Bangladesh government and requested them to open borders for Burma Muslims and they will pay for all the expenses.

The international community and UN have also condemned these acts and have demanded the State counselor of Myanmar Suu Kyi to end the abuse and to control the riots in the Rakhine state. Maldives has also cut down relations with Myanmar. On the other hand, in an interview, Bangladesh Prime Minister has stated that Rohingya Muslims are not their problem.

Source: Arab News

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