Saudi Iqama for 1 million Yemeni Refugees – Salute to King Salman

Yemeni brothers are in trouble: Ever since Yemen has been under a massive attack, not only the country and land has been tarnished from its roots but also the lives of millions have been disrupted and lost.

Those who have managed to escape the war and save their lives and the lives of their family haven’t been able to get and seek shelter from some of the most reputable and recognized forces around the Globe.

Saudi Arabia stood by their side: Amongst all odds, there has been one particular country that chose to stand by the Yemeni refugees and give them a land to reside on and carry on with their lives putting all the hardships and terrifying memories they had made back in Yemen.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has accepted and granted a refugee residence to over a million Yemeni refugees. The lives have been saved and the Yemenis have never been happier.

After interviewing with a bunch of refugees, only praises were showered targeted towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia how they have felt at home in such little time and they love living in the Kingdom.

Yemen is on the brink of Social Collapse: According to the Yemeni Foreign Minister Riad Yassin, he said that Yemen is right now on the brink of a social collapse after the recent insurgent acts that prevailed.

The Foreign Minister also said that the attempts that are being made by the Iranian militants will only create a territory within the state, which would be very uneasy and difficult.

Two states in the same land will only continue with disputes. Since the Houthi coup, the Yemeni refugees have been part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia living in their shelter.

Apart from that, there has been a huge buzz regarding the acceptance of 150,000 Syrian refugees in Europe. 

Only time can prove the different regions of the world wrong regarding who is at the peak of gaining attention and who has actually sympathized with the Muslim world and countries and tried to mend their lives and give them s fresh start that they all deserve as humans.

War is a brutal Act: Truly, war is a brutal act that puts the lives of many at stakes. It disrupts economies and stabilities. Land remains barren for years and there is an atmosphere of fear surrounding each and every single location.

Yemen is somehow trying to gain the support from the rest of the Gulf States. According to the minister, if it succeeds it shall have to go through some political and economic problems which might even cause Yemen to go bankrupt.

If the proper mechanisms are not taken into consideration, problems will remain and the situation can worsen.

Source: Arab News

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