Saudi Instagram influencer donates her liver to a stranger girl

Al Johra Al Hoqai is a Saudi Social media influencer who has donated part of her liver to a stranger girl.

She says that she had dreamt of donating an organ since the age of 15. She had the ambition to donate an organ and save a life. She has donated her liver to a 5 years old girl named Jumana Al Harbi. Al Harbi is a total stranger to her and required a healthy liver.

Even though Al Johara suffers from a retinal injury in both eyes, she did not back off from the decision of donating liver.

As soon as her friend told her about the little patient girl, she made up her mind of helping her. As a child, she has been involved in volunteer work.

Since her childhood, she has been working for raising charities, helping the poor and needy, with a passion for fighting poverty.

She has now become a social media hero, where netizens are parsing her selfless nature and act of kindness.

One of the tweets reads: “Al-Johara had set the finest examples of sacrifice and love of goodness for others, and she embodied all the meanings of empathy and giving.”

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