Saudi Husband gifts a car to his wife on her graduation

Many Saudi people have thoroughly applauded a loving husband who publicly presented his wife with a gift in the form of a new car, on her graduating from college.

The ecstatic husband decorated the newly bought car with messages which congratulated the wife on completing college and the husband drove the car laden with decorations to the Northern Borders University to pick up his wife, telling her that the car was her gift.

Khalid Al Sebai congratulated the man for his simple, yet beautiful and unique gesture.

Twitter user Abdul Rahman said that people on social media should not mock the true value behind the gift. He added that people should not think that the car is not fancy enough or expensive enough, the husband did all that he was financially able to for his wife and the gesture should be receiving praise instead of negative comments for publicly displaying his emotions.

Nada Al Sadeeri praised the attitude of the husband, stating that the husband is truly full of self-confidence as well as a genuine love for his wife. She added that the husband knows that the success of the wife is equal to his own success. 

Social media user Ajmal stated that she would like to see more and more husbands showing such support of their wives in public. She hoped that more men would be as daring as the husband in displaying their emotions for their wives.

Source: Gulf News

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