Saudi husband donates his kidney to Wife – true love story

A Saudi Husband gave an amazing example of love and loyalty to his wife. A wife who was suffering from some health issues due to her kidney disease was amazed to receive the kidney from her loving husband.

A Saudi citizen name Al Sharari revealed the story of his kidney donation to his wife after discovering her illness. During his interview with Rotana Khaleejia channel, he said he donated his kidney to his wife to end her pain and suffering.

How did they discover the illness?

Talking further, he claimed that he came to know about his wife’s health during one of the trips when he witnessed her deteriorating health. She also suffered from high blood pressure and other health issues.

When she was taken to the hospital, it was discovered that she is only living with one kidney and to end her life suffering she was placed for dialysis treatment.

The decision to donate a Kidney

At this point, the husband planned to donate one of his kidneys to his wife to end her suffering and pains. He said he did not even hesitate for a moment to do so.

He also revealed that he could have done this long ago to end his wife’s suffering but the covid-19 pandemic restricted him to do this before.

Talking about his wife’s health, the husband also thanked the Almighty God for easing the situation and successful kidney transplantation. May Allah keep the love and good relation between them.

Source: Sabq

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