Saudi graduate woman starts animal farming

Afra Gabi is a graduate of the Social Science College. She did not opt for a job, rather she opted for her own business, livestock farming.

Vision 2030 is about empowering women and this has helped her to opt for something she is passionate about. Talking about her farming, she told that it is a profitable business.

She briefed that the family has a farm in Jazan since her childhood. She would go to the farm and work there and thereby developed farming skills.

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She has cultivated fields of almonds, Raween, figs, chilies, and lemons. She also has animals like hens and goats at her farm which she takes care of.

She has been inherited not only with fertile land but also with farming skills. She takes good care of the birds and animals and even uses herbal medical techniques to treat any illness. She has also become an expert of cultivating and farming.

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She said that she started off with a single cow which she bought of SR 5,000, within years she has become an owner of 9 cows. She also has her own Almonds and vegetable fields. She markets all her products on her own.

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She wakes up before sunrise and continues to work until sunset. She has to get involved in laborious work and often gets tired. She has to work be it summers or winters, cold or hot, under the scorching sun or beside the cold winds.

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The journey hasn’t been pleasant. She had to take the help of her neighbors as the farm did not have any electricity connection. Her family was against her working on the farm as well. It is difficult to find laborers on the farm.

Source: Urdu News

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