How to avoid expat fee while renewing iqama?

The pandemic of coronavirus has diversely affected the economies and has engaged economists to alter the policies to combat the fallouts and to give relief to the people. Jawazat has confirmed that they will stick by the decision of exempting foreign workers from expat fee until the end of June 2020.

For the safety and best health interest of people, for all these cases, the extension shall be made possible through the online Absher and Muqeem portals of the Ministry of Interior. People may not need to come to Jawazat offices, they can sit back home and avail the service.

Iqama renewal

Iqama holders with the expiry dates between March 18 and June 30, are exempted from paying the expat fee and their employer would be able to extend their iqamas for three months without any fee. This can be done through online portals.

Exit and Reentry Visa

Those expats who have commercial profession as their trade, and they were not able to use exit and reentry visas from Feb. 25 to March 20 as a temporary suspension on entry and exit to and from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been levied, can now extend their exit and reentry visas for three months without any charge.

In my opinion, you will have to cancel your exit reentry visa before it gets expired to avoid paying the fine for its expiry. The amount you have paid for the visa will appear in your available funds in MOI and you would be able to apply for a new visa.

Final Exit Visa

The business owners, who had attained final exit visas for their workers, that had been issued after the expiry of their residency permit, can now cancel the final exit visa of their workers. Their stay shall be extended for three months and they shall be exempted from paying an expat fee.

In other words, you can cancel your final exit visa now and your Iqama will be extended for a period of 3 months without any charge. After that, you can apply for a new final exit visa again.

Important Note

The Jawazat has also urged those expatriates who had their final exit visa or exit, and reentry visas already issued, to get them canceled before the expiry date.

This will allow them to avoid the fines for not availing the visa before expiry. These measures were necessary to take as the international flights have been suspended.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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