Saudi Government will pay fines up to SR 500,000 for expats

Ramadan is the holy month of virtues and to receive blessings from Allah Almighty, when the whole world is busy to receive the blessings from Allah, the Saudi Government too came forward and granted a special gift to the expats who are suffering behind the bars in the Kingdom.

It was reported that the authorities in the Government of the region and the Ministry of Justice through the courts, the Public Prosecutor’s office and the Board of Grievances announced to pardon some of the expats in this holy month of Ramadan.

The officials are working collectively and cooperatively to list all the prisoners who will be eligible to receive the annual forgiveness this Ramadan. The amnesty has been announced and some sources also claimed that this amnesty will also include the cancellation of half of the prisoner's sentences in numbers of crimes.

These will be announced according to the classification specified in the amnesty rules as well as classification of time and criminal practices and the end of the special right which is a necessity for any prisoner to benefit from the amnesty

The amnesty does not include any disciplinary and alternative punishments and penalties not associated with imprisonment. Besides this, the fines are not included in the amnesty.  

The prisoners who are subject to the pardon provisions are released immediately and fined according to the procedure of the Government Revenue system.

Non-Saudi prisoners who completed their sentence, time or amnesty and all those whose release has been suspended are exempted from paying the fine. Saudi Government will pay their fine up to SR 500,000.

Those non-Saudi prisoners who are sentenced to pay fine more SR 500,000 and have decided not to pay will be referred directly to the competent court where their inability to pay the fine will be examined and they will be treated according to the system of replacing the fine with imprisonment and then being deported from the Kingdom.

Every year during the month of Ramadan, the Saudi Government releases expats and Saudi prisoners from Jail especially those who have completed their imprisonment sentence but are not able to pay off fines imposed upon them.

It is a gesture by the Saudi Government worth appreciating as we know that many times people spend their entire lives behind the bars as they are not able to pay off a few thousand riyals fine to the authorities.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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