Saudi Government receives $107 billion from prisoners of Ritz Carlton

The anti-corruption campaign has been a great success. 381 important personalities were taken into custody on the orders of anti-corruption committee Chaired by Crown Prince.

It is said that out of many people who were arrested, there were 11 princes, 4 sitting ministers and tens of former ministers. It has been published by Al Arabiya News that a settlement was offered to them to release them from all corruption charges.

This settlement may have seemed silly to many people in the start but the surprising fact is that the crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman states that only 1 percent of the accused were able to prove them innocent and the charges were dropped against them.

56 arrested people refused to settle or accept that they were corrupt so they hired lawyers and took the case to court. This means that 321 people agreed to settle.

56 people against whom corruption charges have been filed have been moved to proper prison from the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Last week, Prince Waleed was released from Ritz Carlton prison.

The Saudi Arabian Attorney General, Sheikh Saud Al-Mojeb said the total settlements with the suspects has topped $107 billion, which came in various forms of assets.

The anti-corruption campaign is no doubt a bold step taken by the authorities under the orders of King Salman.

This type of campaign has been carried out for the first time in the history of the Kingdom but international media suggests that this anti-corruption campaign was a power grab.

The prince, Muhammad Bin Salman gave a statement saying that such accusations were foolish and baseless.

He also added that many of the important members of the Ritz Carlton have publicly accepted the corruption charges and almost the entire Royal Family is already behind him.

The prince added that corruption had been eating away our country since the 1980’s and the statistics show that 10 percent of government spending was being drained away by corruption each year.

He said that many governments have tried to put an end to this corruption but failed and when King Salman came to the throne in 2015 he vowed to put an end to this.

King Salman had assigned teams to collect pieces of evidence about corruption since the day he came to the throne and after 2 years they came up with about 381 names.

The prince further added that there is no way to completely root out the corruption but we need to send a strong signal to the people that if anyone is involved in corruption then they will be caught and not spared easily.

Moreover, the public feels that the government is on the right side and doing things in a transparent way without any personal agenda. Perhaps, this is the reason, the government and the King’s family has the public’s support.

Source: Arab News

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