Saudi Government opens Government Hospitals for Expats living in Saudi Arabia

According to the latest development, as published in the Arab newspaper and media, “All the expats can avail the medical facilities in the government hospitals only if they can pay and follow the rules and regulations of the medical centers”. The Ministry of Health made this decision while keeping in mind a large number of expats in the Kingdom. Many expats residing in the rural areas have no access to basic medical facilities and the Ministry of Health passed this statement to help the expats living in the rural areas. The rural areas have government hospitals and no private medical centers.[irp]

As mentioned by the government authorities, this step has been taken because the government hospitals are not allowed to refuse any emergency cases. Most of the emergency cases are not treated in the private hospitals. This created many problems for the expats who are working in the rural areas of Saudi Arabia. There are big pharmacy stores situated in all the major areas of the cities and expats can simply get all types of medicines.

Many of the employers are responsible to provide medical insurance to the expats. With the passage of time, the government of Saudi Arabia has taken a sound action to build up a constructive health care system for all its citizens. Many expats complain that the insurance policies given to them by their employers are not sufficient to cover their medical expenses.

As per requirement, the government has passed bills that focus on the development of the health care facilities. More and more hospitals are being built to facilitate the locals and the expats. The mega King Fahad Medical City situated in Riyadh serves 27 million citizens. This extensive medical center has various departments with specialized doctors. This hospital has abundant rooms to treat patients who are suffering from major illness. This medical center also has a special hospital for children and women.

The expats are very satisfied with the government’s action to build up more and more hospitals to provide health care services to the expats and locals in most affordable ways. The Kingdom has invested generous fund to enhance health services. According to Dr. Khemka, a doctor working in the local government, most of the expats always look for emergency evacuation cover.[irp]

The ministry of health (MOH) has allocated a budget that is enough to cater the future needs of the expats. Unlike the other sectors, the health sector shared a great deal of improvement. Moreover, the non-Saudi national workers were titled to health insurance policy in the year 2005. This act was extended in the year 2008 facilitating Saudi nationals employed in the private sector. The Ministry of Health has established this program to help the expats who are searching for better medical treatments in government hospitals. Usually, many expats cannot afford expensive private hospitals.

Source: Arab News

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