Saudi girl discovers she is a BOY after 20 years

Saudi girl Randa entered her teenage and got worried as she had not developed puberty signs like other girls. She consulted a doctor and came to know that she is a boy.

Medical Error

It was told to her, after 20 years of her birth, that she is a boy and not a girl. At the time of her birth, the hospital administration made a “medical error” and declared him a girl.

His male private parts had been hidden inside his abdomen and there were certain deformations of his genital area. On this, rather than going through a thorough medical checkup, they declared him a girl.

The family had also been ignorant about any possibility and had named her Randa.

A New Life

Whatever was in the past, he has to forgo. From friends, social life, identity, and relatives. He also needs to undergo surgery which as per his doctor can be conducted in the UK and would require a substantial sum of money.

Randa’s father has tried seeking help from the hospital where he was born, yet that is still of no use.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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