Saudi Girl arrested for dancing wildly in Abaya

As Saudi Arabia is heading towards moderation, several social issues are surfacing. The Saudi Research and Publishing Company ( سیدتی ) has confirmed that the Saudi Public prosecutors have issued arrested warrants of a female who was caught dancing in Hijab.

The event took place at the Riyadh Season where the males and females could enjoy entertainment-full mix gathering. According to the details, the girl was wearing a traditional black gown (known as abaya). Her video of energetic dancing went viral on social media and caught everyone’s attention.

The people were shocked to see a video coming from within Saudi Arabia: a girl dancing as though she is a professional dancer amidst boys and girls. Everyone seems to be enjoying her dance and no one in the video is seen asking her to stop. She is surrounded by a group that is enjoying her moves.

Some people said that the girl has not only disrespected the Saudi culture and tradition but has also disrespected the abaya. Is this ethical? She should have at least respected the abaya she was wearing. On the one side, she is covering herself and on the other, she is dancing!

Some said that it was her own will: there is no bad in dancing with an abaya. However, the general reaction of the public was against such acts. People said that they cannot encourage such acts in the country and thereby the pressure was built on the Public Prosecution. They have assured her timely arrest.

A few days ago the Saudi authorities took an action against a club that started operating as a night club in Saudi Arabia during the Jeddah season. According to authorities, they were allowed to play the music loudly but not allowed the mixing of men and women. Recommended: Authorities shut down the only nightclub in Jeddah

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