Saudi gifts gold worth SR 200,000 to his Pakistani employee

Saudis are one of the kindest people I know. They are famous for being kindhearted and appreciated for their generosity. Saudi employers are always loving and friendly toward their employees.

The gratitude doubles if the employee plays an honest role in his work. Several incidents about employer thanking his employees have been recorded from the Kingdom. Here is another one.

A Saudi citizen paid gratitude to a Pakistani employee by gifting him Saudi Riyal 200,000 worth gold. The Pakistani employee was given a valuable gift for working honestly for 42 years. Through this gift, the employer wanted to thank his employee for his best service of 42 years.

The employer Abdul Salam al-Mutlaq is the owner of Saudi company Al- Fanar whereas the employee is a Pakistani national. A video was posted on social media that went viral and people praised the kind-hearted behavior of the employer.

In the video, we can see the employee is opening a box and get a surprise to see a gold biscuit in the box. The number 42 is written on the box that indicates 42 years’ service of the employee.

In the video, Abdul salam Al-Mutlaq thanked his employee presenting him the gift and uttering the words, “The gift of Gold is for Goldman”. 

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