Saudi forgives the Housemaid who killed his 11 months old daughter

Seven years from now, when both Ghaleb Nasir al-Hamri al-Balawi and his wife left their home and went to Qurayyat and Tabuk respectively, their 11-month-old daughter was murdered by their maid back in their house.

The little girl was left at home under the care of an Indonesian maid as her parents departed to different destinations.

While leaving the daughter to the maid, they could not have even imagined that on their return they would be welcomed with the funeral.

The couple was in a shock and did not suspect anyone for the child’s death. But after the post-mortem examinations, the police investigated the maid. The child had been killed by wrapping the blanket around her and pressing it hard until she breathed her last.

There were marks of injuries on her back while red marks on the little one’s face.  The Indonesian maid, who was hired seven months from the tragic incident, accepted her crime before the police.

The investigation and prosecution services carried out the further investigation of the case. As the investigation has been prolonged for seven years now, Balawi has decided to forgive the maid and not repeat the grievous past.

In the hearing of Public court, Balawi had announced to forgive the child’s murderer. It is not easy to forgive someone who has killed your loved one.

It is not easy to forget the memories associated with the child, but the man has pardoned the criminal just for the sake of God.

He says that God has demanded us to forgive others. His parents also wanted him to forgive the maid and move on with his life. He also does not want to destroy the life of a young maid.

He knows his daughter can’t come back even after punishing the maid for her evil deed. Balawi wants pleasures of hereafter; he is more concerned for life after death and therefore has forgiven the maid so that his bad deeds would be forgiven on the Day of Judgment.

His wife, though resistant towards forgiving the maid as per her social circle pressure, would soon come over with it, says Balawi. She does acknowledge the principle of forgiving.

Ghaleb Nasir al-Hamri al-Balawi believes that God has already blessed him with the misfortunate event.  He has been rewarded with two sons and one daughter after the murder of his daughter.

He also briefed that he is married to three women and is blessed with 17 children. He is contented with his life. Forgiving the maid for her actions would do much better than punishing her.

The maid wishes to perform Hajj after her release. Bilawi wants to fulfill the promise to forgive her and wants her to perform Hajj before leaving the kingdom. Bilawi says that this incident has let him bring up his children with mutual consent of his wives.

They have not hired any maid to look after their children after this tragic event. They themselves are putting up every effort to raise their children.

Source. Al Arabiya


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