Saudi files a lawsuit against a resident who killed an Ant

Courts are established to provide justice. Whenever people deem that the other person is violating his/ her right he seeks court’s assistance. Matters taken to court are of serious nature. For instance, if you had a fight with your sibling and they broke down your belonging or punched you, you won’t go to court and file a case. You would rather go to your parents and they shall resolve the issue and come up with a solution.[irp]

So my point here is that matters taken to court shall be of a serious nature, siblings fighting over small things are normal. Such issues can be resolved at home. But if siblings (grown up) fight over a share of property or so, then they shall refer to court. See this is where nature of case comes into play.

But the world never fails to amaze us. There have been some cases filed up in the court that makes one laugh. People sometimes act childishly and over-sensitively. They come up to court with small matters that are somewhat funny and could have been resolved at home.

What is the Case? While going through such strange and hilarious cases, I was amazed to go through this one and couldn’t resist sharing it. Eight years from now, a strange case was filed by a Saudi national against a resident. In his case, he told that the resident had deliberately stepped onto an ant and his action caused the life of the poor creature.

He came up with the stance that Islam does not teach us to do such acts and thereby the man has gone against Islamic teachings. He further added that the ant is also a creation of Allah Almighty and had all the rights to enjoy a life. The man should not have taken the life of the little creature.

What was the response of the Judge? He thereby urged that Islamic laws shall be upheld against the culprit. The case was heard by Judge Mohammed al-Fayez. Al Fayez remarked that the case is acceptable and continued the proceeding. The case got closed after the judge gave the following remarks:

The court accepted your case as you came in as the attorney of deceased ant, however, to continue the case, a valid attorney contract signed by the parent of the ant shall be provided. For such a case to precede either the concerned or victimized person shall be present or the case filer shall have a legitimate attorney.

The judge added that your case is valid but to precede it you shall be equipped with an attorney contract signed by ant’s parent. As soon as you get equipped with it, I shall precede the case.

The man was shocked to hear such remarks and left the court silently. The case got closed but history would always remember the man who fought for the rights of ants! I am amazed by the judge who took up the case and gave a beautiful and hilarious ending to it!

Source: Al Arabiya

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