Saudi Father marries with the sister-in-law of his Son

Recently, a Saudi who visited a home to find a good match for his son got married to the elder sister of the girl. A Saudi Father visited a family to plan the marriage of his son.

During their visit, the mother of the expected bride told them that she is not willing to let her younger daughter get married before her elder daughter. She asked the father and son that they have to wait until she finds a good match for her elder daughter.

She also offered to the son that if he is willing to accept her elder daughter as her bride, she has no issues in strengthening the relationship. Listening to this, the son became frustrated as he was not willing to get married to that girl.

In agony, he left the house but his father stayed there. Meanwhile, the father offered the mother of the girls that if she has no issues, he wants to marry her elder daughter. The lady agreed to the proposal and the newlywed couple started their life happily.

The interesting incident went viral on the internet as well. It is not known that after the marriage of the elder sister, the son of that person got married to the younger sister or not.

Source: Emirates 24/7

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