Saudi father forgives his son’s killer just before execution

A father Awad Al Imrani who lost his son five years ago pardoned the killer of his son just moments before his execution.

According to Saudi Press Agency, the father came to forgive his son’s killer when he was about to get executed. Upon hearing the announcement, the inmate prostrated at the spot to thank God Almighty.

The death row victim had spent 5 years in prison and the sentence was about to be carried out when he was released. All the relatives and friends enthusiastically welcomed the decision of amnesty.

A video clip of the Saudi Citizen pardoning and the prostration of the victim to thank God went viral on Saudi social media.

Moreover, the video also showed the enthusiastic welcome of the verdict by the relatives and friends. The relatives and friends also thanked Allah for giving him a new life to spend with his loved ones.

Awad Al Imrani also announced that he has pardoned the killer of his son and has no plans to demand any blood money. He said he has pardoned him for the sake of Allah.

It is said that many wellwishers and relatives of the culprit requested the victim’s father to pardon the victim for the sake of Allah in order to save him from the death penalty. However, the father’s decision made him earn a great reward.

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