Saudi Father beats his daughter to death for not loving him

Jeddah court has sentenced a father to a jail term of 8 years and 700 lashes for beating his 7-year old daughter to death with a pipe for not loving him. 

Yara’s custody was taken from her mother

Young Yara’s mother stated that after the divorce with Al Qahtani, she herself took care of Yara, until the age of seven. That is when Yara’s father refused to let the child stay with her mother. 

However, young Yara was not happy at being kept away from her mother and this unhappiness also affected the young child’s health.

How did it happen?

The father confessed to beating the little child all over her body including the head with a hard pipe.

The father lost his mind and started beating his own daughter to death when she told him that she did not love him. After beating her to near death, he proceeded to lock her up inside a room.

In the room, young Yara continued to cry continuously through the time period between Asr and Maghrib prayers. After Maghrib, the father went to check up on her in the room that he had locked her in and found her to be in a semi-conscious and bad condition.


Al Qahtani then drove the child to the nearest hospital; however, the child passed away on the way to the hospital, due to the vicious beating that she had received from her very own father.

After the death of the child

Yara’s mother complained that after her child’s death, Al Qahtani did not even have the decency to inform her of her child’s demise.

Yara’s mother only found out that her daughter had passed away when she went to Riyadh to visit her daughter and was told that she was no more. She can file an appeal against the court orders within 30 days.

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