Saudi Family gifts car and gold to their worker on farewell

A Saudi family bid a farewell to their expat worker who had hailed all the way from Egypt to serve them. The Egyptian worker served them for 35 years and had become part of the family.

However, it was now time for him to reunite with his own family back home and leave Saudi Arabia. The worker was gifted with some expensive gifts which included a car, a few honor shields, and many more things.

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The worker named Mane’an Al Haydar, received these gifts at a party thrown by his boss which was accompanied by the family and family relatives. When the worker saw such a pleasant gesture, he could not hold back his emotions and tears shed from his eyes.

It is not necessary that one shall give them extravagant gifts

One can gift them according to their pockets and the need of the worker. I do appreciate the act of this family honoring their work with such honorable gifts. For others, I would say that you should opt for things according to your pocket. Small gestures also add a lot.

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