Saudi Family departs their Housemaid and her Husband in tears

Domestic workers in Saudi Arabia are very common: most of the families in Saudi Arabia have hired domestic workers. These domestic workers are mostly non-Saudis who have hailed from different countries to earn a livelihood.

Most of the loyal and hardworking expat domestic workers soon become part of the family. There are workers who have been providing services for more than a decade. During such a span of time, the workers and family establish a strong bond.

This is something very natural. When you live with someone over years, you naturally start to form an affiliation with them. You tend to miss them and feel their absence. Yet, such workers cannot provide services forever and have to leave one day or another.

When the time is here for the worker to leave for his home country and reunite with their families after living a major portion of their lives in Saudi Arabia: it is a difficult time for both the family who has hired the worker and the worker.

Joud, a twitter name of a family member, and his family went through the similar time. They had a domestic worker and his husband living with them for 28 years. Over this time, Nanny and his husband had become more of a family member and less of workers.

The Nanny had raised Joud and his siblings. She knew what kids liked to eat and what their habits are. She knew well about the nature of the children and knew how to handle them. For sure, 28 years is a long time.

The kids had a great attachment with Nanny. But then came a time when the family had to say goodbye to their nanny for good. The family was not ready for this. They were in an emotional shock as they knew that Nanny would not return.

They could not just think of a life without her.  Yet, they knew that it was a final farewell. In order to honor Nanny’s services over the past years, they decided to throw a nice farewell party for her. The Saudi family arranged a farewell for Nanny and his husband.

Joud uploaded the video of farewell and expressed his emotions regarding the farewell.  The video soon became viral on social media. The people appreciated the honoring of the maid and shared their views.

Most people said that even though they were not related to Nanny but they had their hearts melted. Some said that they had tears in their eyes while watching the video.

Many shared their own stories where they had a similar emotional breakdown when their domestic workers left.  Before this, similar farewells had also been shared on social media and had gone trending.

I really appreciate the kind heartedness of the family of Joud. You need to come up with these examples promote a better and safe environment for the housemaids. It is still a sector where more government regulations are required.

I just hope that we can build a better environment in Saudi Arabia for many housemaids to come.

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