9 things expats in Saudi Arabia are tired of hearing

Every country is different: each country has its own laws, culture, norms, and heritage which makes it unique and different. Like every country, Saudi Arabia is considered to be a country one of its own kinds.

People have different views about it and think that life there is different. Some basically label it strange because of its Islamic culture and law. Expats who reside here are often bombarded with some irritating questions. These questions are of-course annoying.

  1. Are women there covered all the time?

Yes and no. Women are not covered from head to toe yet as per law they need to have to wear an abaya while they are in public places. At homes or in private get together, they are not covered in black cloaks you know!

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  1. How is it like living in a desert?

Well, even though it is a desert country, it does not mean there are no cities there. There are some great cities with beautiful infrastructure where it becomes hard to believe that it is a dessert.

  1. How do you spend vacations there?

Let me see, oh why don’t you go through the list below:

  • get together with friends
  • traveling around
  • some party time
  • iqama renewal
  1. Is there anything to do there?

Of course, there is, in fact, there is a lot to do there! To have fun there, you need to reach the right place at the right time!

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  1. I heard laws are strict there

Every country has its own laws and rules. And aren’t rules need to be strict? Yes, the government of Saudi Arabia knows very well how to implement the rules and regulations.

  1. How do women move around?

Just because they couldn’t hold a driving license it does not mean they cannot move around. They can simply hire a cab or a driver to go where ever they want to. And to update you, women can now hold a driving license!

  1. You live in KSA, you must be rich!

Just because you live in Saudi Arabia, it is assumed that you must be a rich person. Well, to clear matters Saudi Arabia is a rich country but not all people residing there are rich!

5092 9 things expats in Saudi Arabia are tired of hearing 07

  1. Is it true that boys and girls can’t go out together?

I am afraid it is, but many still do!

  1. How do you live there?

The same way you do in your country! Well, life is different but not impossible. Also after a certain time, we get used to it and even love it!

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