A Saudi executed for kidnapping and raping 7 minor girls

Kidnapping and raping have become a common crime in the current scenario of the world. The crime rate has increased to a great extent comparing to past statistics. Kidnapping cases of girls often lead to their rape and murder so that victim may not be captured by authorities.

In major cases of kidnapping and rape, the culprit gets escape by using cunning tactics and absence of witnesses. Recently a related case has been addressed in Saudi court where a man who brutally harassed several girls and further threatened them to kill in Al Kharj a province of Riyadh.

After getting reliable witnesses and sureties from victims, the court announced capital punishment for the culprit. According to the Saudi Press agency which covered the whole event, the man is duly executed following the decision of Court of Riyadh Province.

2263 A Saudi executed for kidnapping and raping 7 minor girls

Asim Al-Sahli was accused for the kidnap of seven girls by different means and harassing them at different places including his house and car. The girls gave a statement against him that he threatened them with a knife that if they will not cooperate in fulfilling his sexual desires, he will kill them.

Not only this, but he was also held guilty of abducting three girls. He tried to deny all such allegations still Court gave its verdict in the light of statements given by victim girls and others.

The decision taken by court strengthens the safety of women in Saudi Arabia as it will create a sense of accountability among all those cowards who keep on looking for a victim for the satisfaction of their illegal desires.

2263 A Saudi executed for kidnapping and raping 7 minor girls 01

It was not the first case or verdict given by a court of Saudi Arabia related to kidnapping and rape attempts. In 2006 a 19 years old woman was punished for 200 lashes after being raped by 7 men. Basically, she was punished for sitting with a male friend in his car as she violated the laws of Saudi Arabia regarding Diktats and segregation of sexes.

It led to her rape by 7 persons who were initially reported to be 3, but according to the victim, 4 other joined them later when she was present in the vehicle of her friend. Her male friend was also attacked by rapists.

The court found 8 guilty, 7 men for rape and victim girl for violating Dikat. The court initially pronounced punishment of 90 lashes for her but when her advocate made an appeal in court, the judge doubled her punishment to 200 lashes with 6 months imprisonment in Jail. Along with her, the court also doubled the punishment of those 7 men who were accused of her rape.

The court welcomed criticism for punishing victim girl of lashes as she was the first one who violated laws which further led to exploitation to her by others as she went out without any male member of her family.

The court clearly pronounced the decision to reform any such mistake in the future by any girl or boy for the long-term security of society.

Source: Al Arabiya

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