Saudi executed for burning his friend alive

Bandar bin Taha Al Qarhadi was burned alive in his car by his friend, Barakat bin Jibreel Al-Kinani. 

Who was Bandar?

Bandar bin Taha Al Qarhad was a Flight attendant at Saudi Airlines. He was just 40 years old and a father to two innocent children. He was a kind young lad working hard at the Airlines.

Bandar bin Taha Al Qarhad
Bandar bin Taha Al Qarhad

How was he killed?

His friend handcuffed him, then chained him to the steering wheel of his car and put it on fire. Gasoline was poured all over his car to intensify the fire. Al-Qarhadi was screaming for help, yet Al-Kinani watched him burn.

Even though Al-Qarhadi was taken to a local hospital, all damage was done, and he died of serious burns in November 2022.

Taha Al-Qarhadi, who is the victim’s father, said that the murder took place at the parking lot of the Southern Housing Project in Jeddah.

Bandar bin Taha Al Qarhad
Bandar bin Taha Al Qarhad

Who was Barakat?

The father said that a night before the murder, Al-Kinani had come to his son and had slept with him in his house in the Al-Sanabel neighborhood.

Al-Kinani was a drug addict, as a quantity of methamphetamine was also found in his blood tests. He was under the influence of narcotic substances when he committed the crime.

Immediate Arrest

Al-Kinani was arrested in a matter of a few hours after this heinous crime. He was also found guilty of using drugs during the investigations. He was also charged with burning 4 other cars in the parking area at the crime scene. 

The Saudi Court found Al-Kinani guilty of murder and thus sentenced him to death in January of 2023. 

Barakat bin Jibreel Al-Kinani
Barakat bin Jibreel Al-Kinani

Barakat Execution

Finally, Barakat bin Jibreel Al-Kinani was executed in Makkah for the crime of burning his friend alive.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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