Saudi Employer builds a house for his Filipino housemaid for her services

Humanity and act of kindness is something which is not only appreciated by the people in this world, but it is also rewarded by Allah. There are many examples where a small help to someone can change their life. A recent example is where help by the Saudi employers have made a difference in the life of a Filipino domestic helper.

The Filipino worker has thanked her Saudi employers for the help they have provided. Due to their help, she was able to construct her own house in Pulilan, in the province of Bulacan. The financial aid provided made it possible for her to get her ill daughter treated back home.

Mhai San Pedro is a 31 years old Filipino overseas worker in Saudi Arabia

In an interview with The Filipino Times, she told that she found a foreign employer who really treated her like their family which is a blessing.

She explained that when she moved to Saudi Arabia for work, the only wish she had was to construct her own house, but she got much more than that. Although she is working with the current employer for just eight months, she has always received the attitude of much generosity and kindness from them.

Her employers have given her gifts worth of thousands and it includes many well-known brands like Burberry, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, and Gucci.

4848 Saudi Employer builds a house for her Filipino housemaid for her services

The employer also bears the medical expenses of her daughter

Mhai San Pedro is also given 1,500 to 2,500 Saudi Riyals by the employer every month for the construction of her home which is equivalent to almost PHP (21,000-35,000). She is also receiving aid for the treatment of her youngest daughter.

She also recalled an incident when her child who had asthma problem was brought to the hospital in a very bad condition and how kindly the Saudi family supported her.

Mhai says that by working with this family she got the living proof that Arabs are very good employers. She says that in return she is also trying to do her best to return the favor.

4848 Saudi Employer builds a house for her Filipino housemaid for her services 01

She moved to Saudi Arabia due to the distressful situation

Before Mhai started working as an overseas worker, both husband and wife were working as factory workers yet earning an inadequate salary. She was a mother of three children when she gave birth to her fourth child.

The health problems of her fourth child, who was born with a weak pulmonary system, further aggravated their problems. The many visits they have to make to the doctors raised a huge amount of debt on them. To save the life of her baby she has to beg for a loan from different people.

Mhai considers her family her strength and life but the difficulties she and her family were having in their lives encouraged her to work abroad.

4848 Saudi Employer builds a house for her Filipino housemaid for her services 02

Her life changed after moving to Saudi Arabia

She still remembers that how they have survived in the difficult times. They used to eat eggs every day and have to live in a makeshift home. They used to catch the rainwater in the basins that used to drip from the ceilings from the roof during the storms.

She added that it was a very tough decision for her to leave her home and one-year-old child. But the desire she had in her life to give her children a better home and life, compelled her to become OFW.

Her journey from a house of bamboo sticks to a proper house is underway and soon she hopes to achieve what she has desired for her children and herself.

Source: The Filipino Times

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