Apply for Saudi driving license for expat women

Expat women living in Saudi Arabia can either apply for a new driving license or convert their foreign driving license to a Saudi license.

Convert foreign female driving license

If you are an expat woman living in Saudi Arabia with a driving license issued from any of the 47 countries, you do not need to follow the process explained below. You can simply replace your foreign driving license with a Saudi license.

Apply for a new Saudi driving license 

If an expat woman does not have a foreign driving license, she needs to apply for a new Saudi driving license through a Saudi driving school.

Step 1: Appointment

There are many driving schools for women in Saudi Arabia, and you need to get admission through your Absher account. Make sure you get;

saudi driving school for expat woman

Step 2: Assessment Test

In the first step, the driving school instructor will assess your driving skills and determine the number of hours of classes you need. It could be;

  • 5 hours of classes.
  • 15 hours of classes.
  • 30 hours of classes.

If you are not comfortable with their assessment, you can make another Driving license appointment after 30 days for assessment.

Step 3: Get Admission

Once the instructor has decided the number of hours of classes you need, pay the driving school fee to get enrolled. The driving school fee is;

  • 5 hours of classes for SR 700.
  • 15 hours of classes for SR 1,400.
  • 30 hours of classes for SR 2,500.

Step 4: Theory Classes

Each of the packages stated above includes a 4-hour theory class, during which you will learn the rules of driving. To complete this milestone, you can either take the classes physically or watch the videos on the driving school application.

Step 5: Computer Test

After attending the theory class, you are eligible to take the computer test. The computer test lasts 30 minutes and consists of 40 multiple-choice questions, of which you must answer 70% correctly.

Step 6: Practical Training

After passing the computer test, you are moved to the next stage of practical training, where they drive in a real car in the driving yard for 1 hour and guide you on how to park in reverse, parallel, on the bridge, etc.

After this, you can make an appointment for the final driving test at the driving school. In Jeddah Advanced Driving School, this appointment was available through their application.

Step 7: Final Driving Test

In the final driving test, the instructor checks the driving skills by testing your reverse parking, parallel parking, driving zigzag, driving in number 8 parking the bridge, etc.

In order to get a Saudi driving license for expat women in Saudi Arabia, you must pass this test.

Step 8: Print the driving license

After passing your final driving test for a Saudi driving license, make sure you do the following before going to the counter to print the license.

Total Fee

Although the fee varies depending on the number of classes you take in driving school, this is the minimum amount an expat woman has to pay to get a driving license in Saudi Arabia.

  • Driving School Fee: SR 700.
  • Driving License Fee: SR 200 (5 years).
  • Efada Medical Test: SR 150.
  • Total Fee: SR 1,050.

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