Apply for Saudi driving license for expat women

Expat women living in Saudi Arabia can either apply for a new driving license or convert their foreign driving license to a Saudi license.

Apply for a new Saudi driving license 

In case expat woman does not have a foreign driving license, she needs to apply for a new Saudi driving license through a Saudi driving school.

Appointment – Saudi Driving School for Women

There are many driving schools for ladies and females in Saudi Arabia and you need to get admission to them through your Absher account.

saudi driving school for expat woman

Assessment Test

In the first step, the driving school instructor will assess your driving skills and determine the number of hours classes you need. 

  • 5 hours classes for SR 700.
  • 15 hours classes for SR 1,400.
  • 30 hours classes for SR 2,500.

If you are not comfortable with their assessment, you can take another Driving license appointment after 30 days for assessment.

Theory Classes

There is 4 hours theory class in each of the packages stated above where they will tell you the rules for driving.

The duration of the test is 30 minutes and is composed of 40 multiple-choice questions out of which you have to answer 70% correctly.

Practical Training

After learning the driving regulations, you are moved to the next stage of practical training where they drive in a real car in the driving yard for 6 hours.

After completing 6 hours of actual car training in the yard, a practical driving test is conducted.

Practice on Road

If a Saudi or expat woman passes the yard test, she is ready to practice on the road. They are composed of 14 hours of driving on roads with other cars. The practice on road actually gives expat women the confidence to pass the Saudi driving license.

Final Driving Test

A final practical test follows the practical training. It focuses on 16 basic competencies that the trainee needs to master before apply for a Saudi driving license for expat females.

In order to get a Saudi driving license for expat women, you need to pass this test.


If a Saudi or Expatriate female does not pass the final driving test, she will have to appear for another training session of four hours.

Print the driving license

After passing your final driving test for a Saudi driving license, you can obtain the driving license.

Convert foreign female driving license

Expat women (working + dependents) can convert their foreign driving license with the Saudi driving license following this procedure. 


  1. Active Absher account (even dependents can open it).
  2. Muroor appointment with the purpose “Replace of foreign driving licenses – women“.
  3. Foreign Driving License + translation attested by your embassy.
  4. Foreign Driving License + translation with MOFA attestation.
  5. Pay the fee to apply for the Saudi driving license.
  6. Efada Medical Report for Driving License.
  7. Digital Iqama.

Visit the Traffic Police Office

Visit the Saudi Traffic Police Office on the date and time of the appointment with the above-mentioned required documents.

The staff at the traffic police officers will check all the documents and register you in the system and issue you one appointment to go for the driving test.

Driving Test

If your driving license is issued from the USA, UK, European Union, Australia, GCC,  you will not have to go through a driving test.

In a normal driving test, the instructor will test your skills through a zigzag test, a Reverse test, and he may ask you to drive at full speed and apply a break at some point. 

saudi driving license test for expat womanPrint the Driving License

If you pass the driving test, the last step is to print the Saudi Driving License. 

Expat women don’t have to surrender their current driving license issued by a foreign country to get a Saudi driving license.

An A-Z guide on how Saudi women can obtain their driver’s license

Al Arabiya’s correspondent Rasha Khayat was on the ground to report on how women can obtain their license from registration to lessons up until she gets the card itself

Posted by Al Arabiya English on Saturday, June 23, 2018

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