Saudi driver arrested for dragging a man on streets

In a viral video, it can be seen that the helpless man is stuck outside the door and is mercilessly dragged into Riyadh streets.

The video caused outrage among Saudi Netizens. They questioned the driver and his carelessness. Many exclaimed that they have never seen such brutality. Others demanded justice for the man who was being dragged.

Thus, the Saudi General Security, through their Twitter Handle has assured the driver’s arrest. Briefing on the case, they told that the Riyadh police had arrested the driver and had investigated the case.

While the driver claims that he did not see that the man’s hand was stuck in the door, the police is suspecting that the driver had done this intentionally.

They were told that the man and the driver were having a conflict, when the man stepped out, he intentionally assured that his hand was smashed into the door and drove ruthlessly.

The driver has been referred to the Public Prosecution for further investigation.

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