Saudi divorces wife for blocking him on WhatsApp

A Saudi man divorced his wife for blocking him on WhatsApp. The couple could last their marriage for only 3 months.

Petition for Divorce

The divorce was filed by the man in the Civil Status Court of Jeddah. He briefed that they were married for three months and now wants a divorce as his wife has blocked him on WhatsApp.

Verdict of the court

The court has issued a verdict that is in favor of the Saudi man. Not only this, the court ordered the wife to return the cash and gold Mahar paid by the husband to the wife as a gift.

How much was the Mahar?

The local media reports that the court papers ink dowry and the gold combined had a worth of SR 50,000. The wedding party was still due, yet the couple fell in disputes and the party got delayed so much so that it never happened and now the couple is divorced. 

What happened between them?

The man also told that the disputes rose to the extent where the wife had blocked him on WhatsApp. This ended the communication between the two.

He, however, had tried to reach out to her through her father, yet it was of no use. He also added the statement that he has asked his wife either to return to him to have a divorce or send back the dowry.

What is wife’s side of the story?

The wife’s father on the other hand accuses the end of the marriage of the man’s behavior. He said that his behavior was the reason behind building disputes.

The woman wanted to end her studies first and then move to her husband’s house. But he never understood this and ended the marriage. After listening to the entire story, the court has ended the marriage.

Source: Gulf News

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