Saudi Courts orders to pay SR 150,000 to a Housemaid

Yati Kusniyawati is an Indonesian national who has been working in Saudi Arabia for 12 years. She has been working in Hail and recently came into the limelight as she filed a lawsuit against the sponsor.

The court had decided in the favor of Yati and now she has received all her dues, a bonus, and a return ticket. According to the Saudi officials, she would be back home (Indonesia) soon.

Yati had faced delays in her payment, yet that delays were only because her sponsor had been facing financial difficulties himself. She filed a case against her sponsor on August 4, 2021, and within 4 days the decision came in her favor.

The case was handled by the Saudi government and soon she was able to receive not only her dues but also a bonus and a return ticket.

She had asked her sponsor to give her the outstanding salary, which they assumed she would be given soon. The total amount that she was to be paid was SR117,800 ($31,420).

The dues were cleared by a donor and Yati herself has stated that she has received a cheque amounting to SR150,000 ($40.000).

Source: Arab News

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