Saudi court pays SR 750,000 to a resident for illegal arrest

The story goes that the resident was innocent, yet the criminal court deemed him criminal and thereby detained him for 12 months. However, later he was found innocent. Thereby he filed a lawsuit against the verdict as he had suffered damages: he was detained without a cause.

The Saudi court thereby paid SR 750,000 to the citizen over his illegal detention. According to the court, the state is duty-bound to protect the rights of all the individuals. The statement read that it is the duty of the state to provide security to all its residents that are residing within the territory.

The state cannot restrict the movement of its citizens, nor can imprison them. This is only to be done if the law and conditions ask them to do so.

The decision of the court the for compensation is based on the orders of highest authorities who view that protecting the rights of individuals is one of the prime duties of the state and no acts shall be undergone to restrict those rights and freedom. Freedom and rights can be restricted only according to the law.

The innocent resident thereby filed a petition at the Court of Appeal that the ruling against him by Jeddah Criminal Court, was wrong and thereby he shall be compensated against it. The citizen filed the petition of financial compensation of worth SR5 million as it had caused him psychological and social damages. He had been detained for 12 months without a cause.

He had been detained in Briman Prison, later the court found him innocent and uplifted the verdict. Commenting on the financial compensation, Sumayya Al-Hindi, a female lawyer, anyone who has been detained unlawfully and later found innocent has the right to ask for financial compensation.

Azouf Al-Harbe, another female lawyer, commented that in such a case, a person goes through the loss of property or defamation, his family suffers, there are physiological and social effects and thereby the laws are there to compensate the innocents. It also reinforces our trust in the Saudi legal and justice system which treats every resident of Saudi Arabia equally.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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