Saudi court pays SR 1 million to an expat for medical error

Saudi court gives out a ruling in favor of expat parents who had filed a lawsuit against a medical team that caused paralysis to their son. They will receive SR 1 million as compensation for their child’s medical expenses.

The newborn got paralyzed

It is reported that an expat family, at the time of birth of their son, who is 3 years old now, faced the consequences of a medical blunder. The child suffers from cerebral palsy due to a medical error by the medical team at the time of birth o the child.

The anesthesia specialist has also been found guilty of the mistake. The Child suffers motor disability of his limbs due to this blunder.

Medical compensation for the treatment

The parents of the child had filed a lawsuit claiming to receive SR 100 million riyals as compensation for their child’s medical expenses caused by the blunder. 

They said that medical treatment and rehabilitation, physical problems, and muscular atrophy require expenses. This includes visiting the neurology, orthopedics, dentistry, physiotherapy, and speech therapy centers.  The court approved only SR 1 million compensation.

The boy will suffer for the lifetime

The boy’s father also said that they as parents have suffered from severe hardships for the past three years. They have to take care of children, bear medical expenses and have to fulfill their work obligations.

He also noted that his son will suffer to lead a normal life for a lifetime and shall not be able to access education.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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