Saudi court orders man to give 2kg of gold to ex-wife

A Saudi man promised his wife that he would never leave her in any condition and if he does so, would gift her 2kg of gold.

The Saudi man, who is by occupation a teacher, unfortunately, could not keep to his promise and in a family dispute, could not keep up with his marital relations.

With a divorce, he was now liable to gift 1.8 kg of gold to his ex-wife which amounts to SR 405,000.

The case was filed by his ex-wife in the court claiming that she has a written undertaking that he would be liable to gift 1802 grams of gold to his wife if he is unable to win her back.

The marital disputes were irreconcilable and thus the wife filed a divorce in court. She was not only granted the divorce but the court order in her favor over gold whose worth is 400,000 riyals.

If the ex-husband delays giving gold to his ex-wife, he shall be fined 500 riyals for each day of delay. However, in a case where he is unable to hand over the gold, he shall suffer imprisonment.

Source: Gulf News 

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