Saudi Court Orders Husband to pay SR 445,000 to the ex-wife after divorce

Islam is a beautiful and a complete religion, along with complete laws and rules for every aspect of life. Hence, it is quite easy to pass a judgment in accordance with the Islamic law. In Saudi Arab the Sharia Law is practiced and observed, so the courts are quick and responsive and provide justice.[irp]

Divorce is a very unfortunate event after marriage. The separation between the parents makes the kids suffer the most and affects them both physically and mentally for both the parents have their duties to fulfill raising and grooming the kid.

One such case was filed in the Court of Buraidah, a city in the Province Qassim, Saudi Arabia. The ex-wife filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband claiming for financial support for her child as the father had been neglecting their financial needs.

The judge ruled out in the favor of the mother stating that it was the father’s duty to provide them both with financial support even after divorce until the kid grows up to some age. He made the man to compensate his past and future dues.

The man was ordered to pay a total amount of SR 445,000. He has to pay SR 270,000 for his past negligence. He was made to pay SR 1,000 per month to support his child for the next coming year. He was also asked to pay SR 30,000 annually to cover the expenses for the family need.

He was also ordered to cover the travel expense of the family. The father was ordered to comply within five days and if he fails to obey the court order, the judge will place a travel ban and will block all government services to him.

No doubt, maintenance of children is obligatory upon the father. It is father’s duty to fund his children after separation and the mother’s duty is to raise her children in proper manners whatever the situation is. 

Even if the mother is breastfeeding the child after separation, our religion orders the man to pay and look after his ex-wife needs for feeding his child.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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