Saudi court orders car thief to pick olives as punishment

A Saudi boy was convicted of car theft in Turaif in the Northern border region of the Kingdom. The criminal court of the Turaif region ruled that the boy arrested for car theft will have to pick olive trees as an alternate punishment with regards to public rights.

Unique Punishment

According to the court ruling, the convicted will have to pick olives from 20 olives trees that are planted in public streets. His punishment will be supervised by the Municipality of Turaif governorate and police.

The court also ruled out that the convicted should complete his punishment within one month after the date of the issuance of the judgment.

Besides this, police administrative, and municipality, and agriculture ministry were strictly ordered to supervise the convicted and arrest him for six days for each tree if he fails to harvest the tree.

A new trend

This judgment has set a new trend for the punishment of juvenile crimes. Instead of putting them behind bars where they might interact with other criminals and adopt bad habits, involve them in community service.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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