Kafeel to pay SR 35 million to expat worker – Jeddah Court

An expatriate was given SR 35 million as his dues were kept unpaid by a private company within 5 days. The enforcement court ordered the company to pay the overdue amount that was his legal right.

In this case, the judge at the court of Grievances took immediate action against the illegal attitude of the private company. He issued a verdict supporting the right of the expat.

The notice forces the company to pay off the due amount in the given period otherwise the court will take an action.

According to the sources, this has become a common practice of the Saudi companies to hold back the dues which were deducted from the employee’s salary.

Many expats deprive of their justified salary gave up the hope of getting any dues. Most of the times, sponsor deprives expat workers as they don’t know about their rights. 

It is very important for all of us to know that Labor Courts are there to help you out. If you face any case of justification, bring it to the notice of the Labor Office. You have every chance to win the case against your employer if you are really deprived of your rights.

Source: Arab News

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